Adaptive Funeral Marketing

Welcome to the first ever adaptive marketing program for the Funeral Services Industry. Through priority technology, we can adjust your marketing focus weekly based on your current business needs. You choose your own messaging each week, based on calls booked. In a busy week, you might focus your ads on Pre-Need services (slide the button to the left) to engage people who are planning for the future. On a quieter week with fewer booked calls, shifting your focus to At-Need (slide the button to the right) can help you reach families seeking immediate assistance. But don’t worry about constantly adjusting your settings; every week, your campaign automatically resets to General, a balanced mixed of At-Need and Pre-Need to ensure you always visible to anyone searching for services you offer.

What’s Included?
For a competitive rate of just $599/month, trDIGITAL offers comprehensive programs that seamlessly blend Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Programmatic Banner Display. SEM ensures your business is prominently positioned when potential clients actively search for services you offer, driving immediate engagement. Complementing this, our Programmatic Banner Display continuously raises brand awareness by placing your banners in strategic online spaces, reaching potential clients even when they’re not actively searching. Together, these two elements create a dynamic marketing duo, ensuring both immediate visibility and long-term brand recognition.

trDIGITAL Adaptive Slider

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Think of SEM as a digital billboard on Google. When someone nearby searches for funeral services, your funeral home can be the first thing they see.

You get to choose the focus of your messaging each week:

  • At-Need: For families who have an immediate need because a death has occurred. Includes keywords like: same day cremation, how do I plan a funeral, immediate burial, etc.
  • Pre-Need: For individuals planning for the future, whether they are elderly, terminally ill, or simply forward-thinking. Includes keywords like: funeral planning, funeral and burial plans, prepaid funeral plans, etc.
  • General: A mix of “At-Need” and “Pre-Need” terms to always stay visible no matter the specific needs of the searcher.


The best part? You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to learn more! Through our app, you can easily adjust your focus depending on the calls you have booked for the week, helping you reach the right families at the right time.

At Need Ad Example
Pre-Need Ad Example

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is like having a friendly helper who places your funeral home’s posters in many different spots on the internet, reaching people at the right place and time to let them know about your services.

Even though you won’t control the messaging through this app, we’ve got you covered with banners promoting your valuable services such as:

  • Dignified Funeral Planning: Helping families plan respectful and memorable services.
  • Grief Counseling: Offering a helping hand to those navigating loss.
  • Military Tributes: Specializing in honoring those who served with distinct commemorations.
  • Trusted Cremation Provider: Being a reliable choice for families considering cremation.

These banners are designed to showcase the care and quality you provide, helping to reach people who are looking for the compassionate services you offer. If you have any questions about your program, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Exclusive Consultation with Lacy Robinson

Unlock unparalleled insights with a complimentary consultation from Lacy Robinson. With over a decade of experience shaping the funeral industry, Lacy’s expertise has been sought after by leading organizations like the Aurora Casket Company and the National Funeral Directors Association. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your funeral service approach with guidance from one of the industry’s most respected figures.